Executive Committee


PUIC calls on UN, human rights organizations to condemn the massacre perpetrated by Israeli Forces

Tehran, 27 December 2008
The Parliamentary Union of Muslim Countries (PUIC) is following with utmost concern the continuous Israeli violations against the Palestinian People in Gaza Strip culminating in the ongoing abhorrent massacre perpetrated by the invading Israeli Forces which has resulted in hundreds of martyrs and wounded people.
In these most crucial circumstances pervading the region and the entire world, the PUIC Secretary General, Professor Mahmud Erol KILIÇ, calls on all the Palestinian factions to unify their ranks, and exhorts Muslim countries as well as the UN, human rights organizations and all peace-loving peoples of the world, acting through their own parliaments, to assume immediate and unequivocal positions and procedures to put an end to this genocidal onslaught launched by Israel on the valiant Palestinian people