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Agreement to Convene Comprehensive PNC
12 January 2017 - PNC
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The Preparatory Committee of the Palestine National Council (PNC) held meetings on 10-11 January 2017 under the chairmanship of its Speaker Mr. Salim Al Zaanonn.
In a press conference, Mr. Zaanoon stated that the attendees agreed on convening the PCN which includes all the Palestinian forces according to the Cairo Declarations (2005) and the reconciliation Accord which was signed on 4th May 2011.
Mr. Zahnoon added that as a prelude to put an end to the Palestinian Schism, it was agreed to implement all the accords and understandings of the reconciliation, starting with the formation of a government of national unity which shall exercise its powers in all the territories of the Palestinian National Authority, including Al-Quds. The attendees called on President Abu Mazin to immediately begin consultations with all the political forces in order to agree on the formation of a government of national unity.