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Expelling the Zionist Delegation from IPU Meeting
22 October 2017 - PNC
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The 137th Assembly of the IPU, which was organized with the Russian Parliament, was held on 14-18 October 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The Assembly was attended by 1876 Delegates, including 829 parliamentarians, 82 Speakers, 64 Deputy Speakers, and 249 women parliamentarians, representing the biggest number of participants in the history of the IPU meetings.
During the meeting a number of delegations and speakers took the floor, including His Excellency Mr. Marzoug Al-Ghanim, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait who stated in his speech following the speech of the delegation of the Zionist entity (Israel). “The statement delivered by the representative of the occupier and usurper parliament constitutes the most dangerous kind of terrorism i.e. State terrorism. This is true to the saying: “If you are not ashamed, then do whatever you like.” His Excellency went on to say: “you have to collect your cases and leave this hall after you have witnessed the response of all the honest parliaments of the world.”  Then he addressed the head of the Knesset delegation: “Get out of this hall if you have a grain of dignity.. you occupier and Killer of Children.” Then the Israeli delegation left the hall amied the applause of the participants in the meeting”