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Speaker of the Palestine National Council: A memorandum on the laws of the Israeli Knesset in violation of international law and human rights charter
26 February 2018 - PNC
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The PUIC Secretariat upon the request of H.E. Mr. Salim Al Zanoun, Speaker of the Palestinian National Council circulated a memo addressed to H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Erol KILIC, Secretary General of the PUIC, and H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, and the President of the 13th Session of the PUIC Conference concerning " laws of the Israeli Knesset in violation of international law and human rights conventions".
The memo says: "The Palestinian National Council would like to draw your attention and the point out the extent to which the Israeli Knesset has enacted racist laws that against our Palestinian people. Since 2014 more than 160 laws and bills have been brought before the Knesset, violating human rights, international treaties and the foundations of fair legislation, which are supposed to be consistent with international law.”
The memorandum refers to a number of bills including: "a bill to apply Israeli law to academic institutions in the West Bank settlements, a bill to deduct the Palestinian tax revenues, the draft law calling for the execution of Palestinian prisoners, law on Withdrawal of Jerusalemites’ residency, law of Detaining the Bodies of martyrs, laws of the arrest of children and sentencing them; In addition to other unfair laws that bluntly violate the principles and rules of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the United Nations resolutions.
The Palestinian National Council appealed to regional and international parliamentary associations and associations to quickly:
 "Taking firm action against the series of laws and legislations enacted by the Israeli Parliament and against the human rights of the Palestinian people and demand the Israeli Knesset to stop immediately drawing up these legislations, as they constitute a grave violation of the objectives and purposes of the parliamentary associations and societies and the conditions of membership therein, and to consider such legislations null and void.
The memo called upon the parliaments of the Union to join efforts to stop the Knesset's legitimization of Israel's occupation and its crimes.