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Turkey Calls on All Countries to Recognize Palestine State
8 December 2017
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Mr. İsmail KAHRAMAN, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey strongly condemns and rejects the illegal statement of the US Administration declaring that it recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and it will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Mr. KAHRAMAN affirms that;
The preservation of the sanctity and the historical status of Al Quds bears great sensitivity for all humanity. Israel's decision to annex Al Quds and all its acts and practices in this framework have never been accepted and are legally invalid.
The statement made by the US Administration to recognize Al Quds as Israel's capital and to move the Embassy of Israel to Al Quds is in violation of the international law and the UN Resolutions, primarily the UN Security Council Resolution no 478. Beyond this, the statement of the US President is both null and void before the conscience and the history.
Peace will only come with the existence of an independent, sovereignty and contiguous State of Palestine based on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, as set out by the UN Resolutions.
The immediate ending of the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories is at the same time a historical, conscientious and human necessity.
This statement, by encouraging occupation leads to unlawfulness and instability in the region and seriously destroys the ground for peace.
Turkey calls on the countries which have not yet recognized the Palestine State, which represents the national will and resolve for freedom of the Palestinian people to take this step which became a necessity upon the recent developments.
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey once again emphasizes that it is standing with the Palestinian people in their just cause.