Secretary General Calls for Rescuing Rohingya

The Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, H.E. Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol KILIÇ stressed that he was is following with the utmost concern the bloody acts of violence targeting the Muslim Rohingya in Arakan State in the western part of the majority - Buddhist Republic of Myanmar.

His Excellency also stressed in his statement that this awesome human tragedy had been the result of a conflict in the state for more than a century, which was escalating during the last five years, and reached its climax in the past few days. The tragedy befalling the Rohingya has prompted the United Nations to consider them as the most oppressed minority in the world.
Prof. KILIÇ affirmed the imperative of paying attention and swift action in order to stop the bloodshed and preserve the right of this minority to live in peace and dignity in their homeland.
He pointed out that our Union- the PUIC – has paid due attention to the cause of the Muslim Rohingya.
The 12th Session of the PUIC Conference, held in Bamako, Republic of Mali, in January 2017, adopted a resolution titled “Situation of the Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar”. It also dealt with the issue in another resolution on the problem of migration in some Muslim countries.
He pointed out that the PUIC in these resolutions, introduced proposals and demands that may be appropriate to address all aspects of the situation. Prof. KILIÇ, appealed appeals to the United Nations as well as to all human rights organizations and peace-loving people to intervene as quickly as possible in order to rescue the Rohingya who are facing a cleansing campaign under the full sight of the world.

30th August 2017