Secretary General participated in the 49th Session of PABSEC

H.E. the PUIC Secretary General participated in the proceedings of the 49th Session of PABSEC, held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey on 4 – 6 July, 2017. His Excellency delivered a speech in which he dealt with the role of parliaments in ensuring security and peace as well as providing sustainable health care.

In his speech His Excellency mentioned: “Our world needs to live in security and peace today more than any time before in contemporary history. This is because of the prevalence of terrorism and its savage actions which run counter to all divine and positive laws, spreading panic and loss of security and peace in many communities. Despite all exerted efforts and cooperation put in place to defeat and uproot terrorism, yet its circles in terms of geographical area and time-framework are widening. Therefore the globalization of peace and security is a necessity so that communities may live in an atmosphere of love instead of animosity. ”