Secretary General Condemns US Decision on Al-Quds

H.E. Mahmud Erol KILIÇ, the PUIC Secretary General condemned and denounced in the strongest terms the decision of the US President Donald Trump to transfer the embassy of his country to the occupied city of Al-Quds.

His Excellency affirmed in his statement that this decision is a naked challenge and premeditated overstepping of all the international resolutions on the Palestinian issue and the status of Al-Quds which is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories. It also strongly provokes equally the sentiments of Muslims and Christians. Al Quds is a holy and historical city that belongs to the Palestinians and is the eternal Capital of the Palestinian State. Any aggression on this historical right shall have grave consequences for the region and the world. The Secretary General requested international and regional organizations, primarily the United Nations and the UN Security Council to denounce this unjust decision, taking into consideration that Al Quds is an occupied city by Israel since 1967. The PUIC Secretary General warns against the implications of this prejudiced unilateral decision which may lead to sedition and a religious war which add to the complexity of the situation in the Middle East region. It will also threaten the efforts aimed at achieving a just and durable peace to the Palestinian issue which is the essence of conflict in the region.
Commending the positions of the States, governments and international and regional organizations as well civil society organizations which have condemned the unfair US decision, His Excellency called for further international cooperation in such a way as to enable the implementation of international and UN resolutions pertaining to the position of the  City of Al Quds, and restoration of the legitimate rights to the Palestinian people and to enable them to establish their independent state with Al Quds as its Capital.

7 December 2017