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Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran to the “PUIC”:

- Practical Steps to Undermine the U.S. – Zionist Conspiracy
- Supporting Palestine is a Muslim Obligation
- We Demand a UN Fact-Finding Commission for the Rohingya Tragedy
- Muslim Solidarity Creates Huge World Current
- Washington Seeks to Ignite Shia-Sunni War
- Africa’s Renaissance Soon

PUIC Bulletin No.22 Winter 2018


The Honorable Sidibe to the “PUIC”:

- Important Challenges Facing Muslims
- Marshall Plan needed to help the poor
- PUIC is Mechanism for Parliamentary Diplomacy
- Extremism, Terrorism, Palestine and Socio-Economic Development are Major Challenges
- Necessity of Marshall Plan to Combat Poverty in Muslim Countries
- Democracy is the Corner-stone of Development
- Campaign to Fight Desertification
- Terrorism and Extremism a Global Reality
- Acceptance of the other is Backbone of Dialogue

PUIC Bulletin No.20 Winter 2017


H.E. Mr. Ismail Kahraman to the “PUIC”:

- National Will Defeated Coup Attempt
- Muslim Unity to Face Menace
- Enemies of Islam Commit Terrorist Actions
- Turkish Parliamentarians Risked their Lives to Defend Democracy
- Coup Attempt A Movement Against National Will
- Stand Against Coup is Great Value for Development
- Democratic System Based on Rule of Law
- Muslim Unity Crucial For Solving Problems
- Helping Palestine is Our Mission

PUIC Bulletin No.19 Summer 2017


Honorable Sardar Ayaz Sadiq to “PUIC”:

- Islamic Strategies to Face Challenges

- Need to Implement Recommendations and Resolutions
- Joint Islamic Parliamentary Action Need of the Hour
- Collective Muslim Work to Confront Islamophobia
- PUIC Role to Revive Muslim Unity
- Active Action to Promote Positive Image

PUIC Bulletin No.17 SUMMER 2015


Speaker of Turkish Parliament to the “PUIC”:

- Common Solutions to our Common Problems
- Towards a More Democratic and Fair World Order
- Parliamentary Diplomacy Materializes will of people
- Action to avert linking Islam with Terror and Violence
- PUIC an Important Forum for Joint Islamic Parliamentary Action

PUIC Bulletin No.16 Winter 2015